I offer my services at a discounted rate to those who are promoting interconnection and holistic modalities in a mindful, respectful and grounded way. I find that self care, holistic health care, and the concept of interconnection are often inaccessible to folks who need it most; those who don't have access to money, education, are marginalized, not able-bodied, mentally "unstable," or grew up in unsafe and unwell households. I feel our current healthcare system overlooks the healing modalities that can help get to the root of our issues, rather than just band-aid or numb us altogether. Because of this, health insurance rarely covers preventative care, making holistic options inaccessible to most. We are losing the ability to heal in deep, grounded ways. I hope to help promote your work at a lower cost so in turn, you can provide your services to those who may not have the ability to pay for it in full on their own.

I also want to note that I am offering my services to those who are striving to be in good relation with their ancestors, the land around them, and are an active listener and participant in the conversations around oppression, cultural appropriation, colonization and capitalism. I do not wish to shine light on or promote modalities that are not being respected for what they are, where they came from or who they were taught by. Thank you for considering this before we begin our work together.

The following packages are my most popular work, though I offer an array of other services, which you can peruse here. Please be in touch if you’d like to customize an already established package by adding additional services.



$350 plus milage

A two hour portrait, client or product shoot in one location.


Photography & Website

$1,500 plus milage

Two photoshoots highlighting your work and a brand new website.

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A brand new website highlighting your gifts.

Full Branding

$2,500 plus milage

An all-inclusive package, shining light on your offerings from the ground up through photo documentation of all you have to offer, a brand new website, copy editing, and professional intuitive guidance.

Bio Video

$2,500 plus milage

3-5 minute video showcasing your spirit and offerings.


A Hand Hold

$60 (1 Hour Session)

Are you stuck on a specific part of translating your offerings into a digital space? I provide professional and intuitive guidance around brand identity, copy, re-design, and any of my other offerings.

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