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opia n. the feeling of making direct eye contact with a complete stranger.




Bio Videos

Bio Videos

Heather Daniels Pusey (Founder)

My work as a digital storyteller and oral historian is focused on creating a more humane pathway forward and inspiring others to reweave their connection with the natural world, their intuition and holistic modalities. With one foot immersed in technology and the other in holistic wellness, my work tends to the threads of spirit, mindfulness, dignity, interconnection, self care and the stories behind the people spreading their knowledge and passion about these topics.


My areas of creative expertise include videography, photography, web design, audio engineering, space holding and deep listening. My technical expertise includes Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Studio, Wordpress, Wix, Gsuite, MacOS, media management, workflow design and social media platforms. Along with my technological skill set, I also have a degree in alternative and holistic wellness, I am a Reiki practitioner, a cook specializing in food sensitivities and allergies, study sound healing, herbalism and wild crafting. In short, I'm interested in all aspects of holistic living, making them accessible and easily understood.

  • I love connecting with people / places and giving them a voice.

  • I want to shine light on the often overlooked. On compassion. On truth.

  • Social justice is my foundation.

  • Holistic values are my core.

  • Interconnection is my belief system.



Heather is providing a set of services rarely found together. Really quality web design, photo & video work, and intuitive brand coaching, all woven together with literal magic. Heather designed my website after becoming familiar with the practice and energetics of my work. She also took all the photos - she has an uncanny eye and makes visible the parts of us that we thought no one else could see. A photoshoot with Heather is like a ritual, and a gift, and an adventure. But that’s not all! Heather ALSO held my hand in a way NO ONE has ever done (but that I have been wanting for years) through writing my copy in a way that is simple, elegant, and intuitive. When I felt blocked, she led me into the forest (literally), sat down in a patch of sunlight, tuned in, and channeled the first line of my home page right out into the world. She helped me find my voice when it was hiding. She clarified everything. This woman is the real deal. I cannot recommend her enough!"
Heather is an intuitive web-doula, who will see you, your practice and the gift you have to share with the world. She will hold your hand, soothe your anxieties and encourage you to keep digging until you have retrieved the soul of your work - then she’ll help you bring it into the light. Heather's commitment to intuitive practice is my favorite part of her approach and her combination of technical know-how, intuitive practice and healing work - the ability to see her clients - and hold their hand is a rare gift. Heather supported and guided me to creating an incredible container for my work that feels authentic, honest and is beautiful. She helped me make a gigantic leap into the world and I thank her for that.
"Working with Heather is pure joy. She immediately understood my design aesthetic, mission and practical needs and confidently turned my dream into a reality - adding her own special touches and offering great advice along the way."
"Heather is a delight to work with - in addition to being highly competent and responsive!"
"Heather is a very clear communicator, reliable with a schedule, and committed to helping achieve the look you want."
"Heather is a rare gem in the world of artistic freelancers. She is talented and visionary but also highly organized, professional, punctual and a great communicator."
"Lots of people can make a beautiful website. Not everyone can do so with a sense of ease and grace that puts you in a place of complete trust and comfort in their work. This is what makes Heather special."
"Heather not only did a fantastic job with our wedding photos, but was a perfect presence."
"I really appreciated how Heather was able to take my jumbled thoughts, and deliver back to me what I was hoping to convey. Not to mention, her communication was warm and straightforward, and I got the final result I was hoping for. No drama, no hassle, just solid work done right."
"Heather is a joy to work with. She helped me envision putting my podcast out into the world, and without her help and encouragement, I maybe would have never initiated it. She has patiently worked with my crazy schedule living on the road while also holding clear but gentle boundaries. She does a good job and has always been willing to brainstorm with me when I run into a technical or creative issue."



Based out of Blue Hill, Maine

 Traditional territory and homeland of the Penobscot people and Wabanaki Confederacy.

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